Swimming is the only sport that has virtually no contraindications. And all because during swimming, due to the «weightlessness effect» in the water, joints and spine are not loaded. This is especially important for older people, as well as people with various injuries.

Swimming in the pool allows you to improve your health and keep fit. Photos of pools in Montenegro you can see by clicking on the link.

Do you know that during swimming all muscle groups work that proportionally shape your body? And in one hour, up to 600 calories are burned, which is almost 100 calories more than when running! Surprisingly, the water holds
up to 90% of your weight and protects joints from damage. And helps to avoid muscle pain after training. And at the same time, it gives them an excellent load, since it surpasses air by 14 times in density.

In addition, while swimming, the body is constantly in cool water and spends a lot of calories to maintain its normal temperature, bringing you closer to harmony every minute. And even a leisurely dissection of soft water by the body allows you to achieve an effect similar to a relaxing massage. This means that even a short stay on the water surface gives additional relaxation to the back and spine …

And also, swimming is pleasure, maintaining health and physical development.

As a result of physical activity during the swim, endorphins, hormones of happiness, are released into the blood. With every minute spent in the pool, we become happier!

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